Hello Bente,
I just wanted to express my thanks for the inspiring creative writing workshops which you gave. I really enjoyed them and learned so much from them. I have wanted to write for a long time but while I was working there always seemed to be other priorities. Now that I am retired I have time to do whatever I want and I think a constructive use of this God given time would be to try to pursue my unfulfilled ambition. I suppose if I am honest I would have to admit that I lacked confidence in my ability to write creatively but the workshops have given me a bit of self-confidence and for that, thanks!
On a personal note I would like to say how much I enjoyed meeting and working with you.
If you arrange any further workshops (in English) I would be really interested in attending, also if you hear about any creative writing events taking place in Gran Canaria I would be grateful if you would let me know.
John Collins

Hi Bente,
Your writing course was the first one of that nature I’d ever attended. Obviously, I had some expectations but wasn’t too sure about what I was going to find. The truth is you made me feel relaxed from the very first moment.
In my opinion, the way you organized the time was very efficient. The first few minutes of brain storming allowed us to give free rein to our thoughts as these were frenetically jolted down in our writing pads. It was such a relief to let it all out. A second phase allowed us to add an element of coherence into those thoughts and so on and so forth.
It’s not the first time I tell you that there’s a very special place in my memory for your writing course. It was a very positive experience.
Thank you Bente.