Bente Clod’s books with more

Kissing Power – an Extension of the Ero Zone – Erotic stories about love and sex. Too much, too little, all wrong or almost perfect. Tiderne Skifter Publishers, 2016. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.]
Pixi Perfect – Young Adult novel about Pixi, who is not happy with her body. She works hard in the local supermarket after school hours to save money for cosmetic surgery. Especially the hanging ham between her legs needs to be fixed. Her african friend Isabella has quite the opposite problem. Høst & Søn, 2012.
Body Tactics – Young Adult novel about Ursula’s further progression in love, violence and Make Up Art. Sequel to Body Effex. Høst & Søn, 2008.
Body Effex – Young Adult novel about Ursula who wants to become a make up artist. Dreams, attractions and the enigmatic love. Høst & Søn, 2006. Norwegian edition: Omnipax forlag, 2007.
On My Volcano – Translation of 142 poems by American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) with a 42 page introduction. Tiderne Skifter Publishers, 2005. Reprinted 2016.
Tasting You – Erotic stories. Tiderne Skifter Publishers, 2003. After a rising sale of the e-book version, the foreign rights were sold 2016 to Lindhardt & Ringhof Publishers.
Heavenly Fall* – Third Young Adult novel about Mathilde and Camilla. Høst & Søn, 2002. Bente Clod recieved the Young Adult Prize from the Ministery of Culture for this Angel Power trilogy.
Top of their Lungs* – Second Young Adult novel about Mathilde and the musician Camilla, who help each other to achieve the goals of their dreams. Høst & Søn, 2001. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.]
Angel Power* – First Young Adult novel about Mathilde, who calls herself Loser Thilde and wants to become a singer, and become clean. Høst & Søn, 2000.
How to Write a Film Script – Manual about how to write a film script from scratch. Skriv Publishers, 1998.
Ex Hibition – Erotica in English. Stokrose Publishers, 1997. Some of these stories later appeared in Tasting You and Kissing Power.
The Secret of the Circle – Stage play about the poet Emily Dickinson (USA 1830-1886). Kaleidoscope Theatre, 1997.
Yellow Angel – Collection of short stories about loving, liking and disliking. Gyldendal Publishers, 1990.
WRITE – a Book about Writing – Manual for writers of prose and poetry. Hans Reitzel’s Publishing House, 1987. Swedish version: Alfabeta Bokförlag, 1989. Norwegian version: Emilia Press, 1992. Sold 9,000 copies in Sweden and three Danish imprints.
Sun Blinding – Poetry collection. Gyldendal Publishers, 1986. 10th book in the author’s 10th anniversary year. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.]
80 Moving Years – A biography book of congratulation to the author’s father Eigil Poulsen on his 80 year birthday, the oldest grassroot in Denmark with a life long activity in left wing parties and anti war movements. Datterselskabet (Daughter’s Press), 1984. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.]
Red Threads – TV feature movie about being a woman artist. Directed by Li Vilstrup and with music by Anne Linnet. Danish tv-drama, 1983. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.
Wait Till You Hear Me Laugh! – Third novel. Fiction about the Larsen family through three generations and their effort to establish a women’s country. Gyldendal Publishers, 1983. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.]
Between Us – Poetry collection, Gyldendal Publishers, 1981 (special edition in the book club for poetry). Nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Literature Prize that year.
Karen – A 60 min. feature movie. Script by Bente Clod, adapting her short story Karen (in On the Way), directed by Kaspar Schyberg and photographed by Ulla Boje Rasmussen. The Danish Film School, 1981. [Danish and English pages are under preparation.]
In Fighting – Swedish anthology with writings by Bente Clod, selected especially for her Swedish readers. H & Å, 1980. Out of sale. [Danish and English pages are under preparation.]
Seven Minds or In Doubt – Second novel, can be read as a fictitious sequel of Clod’s first novel Ruptures. Gyldendal Publishers, 1980. Norwegian version: Tiden Norsk Forlag, 1980. Swedish version: H & Å, 1980. German version: Medea Verlag, 1982.
On the Way – Short stories, poems. Gyldendal Publishers, 1978. [Danish and English pages are under preparation.]
Break Away – Collection of Poetry. The first book from the small collective publisher Kvindetryk (Women’s Press), 1978. The book went through three printings and thus financed the next book at the press. Kvindetryk was also an association with writing members forming local writing groups all over the country. [Danish page – an English one is under preparation.]
Women Must Never Lose Sight of Each Other Again! – Anthology with writing by, for and about women. Forum Publishers, 1977.
Ruptures – Autobiographical novel. Portrait of the raising developement from a female consciousness to a woman’s consciousness. Gyldendal Publishers, 1977. Norwegian version: Tiden Norsk Forlag, 1978. Swedish version: Prisma, 1978. Icelandic version: Idunn, 1979. Finnish version: Kirjayhtymä, 1980.
The Authorized Version and other Infights – Articles, poetry and prose about the women’s situation and gender roles. Gyldendal Publishers, 1976. Norwegian version: Pax Forlag, 1977.

The Angel Power trilogy received the Award from the Danish Ministry of Culture in 2004 as Best Children’s Book of the year, is was translated to Norwegian (Omnipax forlag) and sold to Norway in 2007 for film adaption by Maipo Filmselskab, which also made the Elling movies.