Homepages and Books for Writers

English websites about writing

www.advancedfictionwriting.comRandy Ingermanson has a writine ezine, a blog, and various articles on writing. His snowflake method of constructing a novel is worth a look. He also has a book writing fiction for dummies, but actually most of its content is already contained in his blogs and articles.
Alexandra Sokoloff is a screenwriter turned very successful author. She has a book, Screenwriting Tips for Authors, but again all the material is contained in her blog thedarksalon.blogspot.com – and she does online writing courses from time to time.
Larry Brooks also has a writing method, and several books on writing available via his website and a blog that contains much of the material: storyfix.com.
One Word is encouraging to write poems.
750words.com is a website where you are challenged to write 750 words every day – an electronic version of morning pages. for me the interesting this is that afterwards it displays little pie charts that tell you about the way you use your words, and awards you incentives for writing each day etc.
www.writerscafe.org is an online writing community with competitions and advice etc. there is also a free writerscafe writing software, which helps you write your novel and has all many of resources.
Finally, there’s writeordie.com, where you have to write a certain amount of words without hesitation or terrible sounds play, or the pc starts to eat your words – great for writing from the subconcious!!

Books about writing

The literature about how to write prose and screenplays is immense. Fewer books handle poetry. Writer’s Digest is a magazine, website and publishing house with books about writing. The website also talks about contests, workshops, community, blogs, get published, get creative etc. There’s a lot about how much money you may make on your writing, don’t listen to that, just look at the offers you may want to use! They also mention Spanish Book Publishing.
Peter Elbow is the one who introduced the idea of Powerwriting in his Writing With Power and Writing Without Teachers. Good books, make you get started.
Damon Knight: Creating Short Fiction. Knight and wife have been teaching this many years. The book is a good basic tool to anyone who wants to tell a story.
Tristine Rainer: The New Diary. A classic, not just about writing a diary, but filled with good ideas and and suggestions about writing. Deals well with writer’s block. Amazon has it.
Victoria Nelson: Writer’s Block and How to Use it. The best and most wellwritten book on the subject. A thorough study, a good read. Sold out, but some copies are available on the web.
Nathalie Goldberg: Writing Down the Bones. Also a basic with many good suggestions about writing.
Julia Cameron has written several books about writing, of which I only know the Danish titles, and cannot see which is which in English when I google her. I think The Artist’s Way is the basic one, and the next 2 ones are more or less the same. Many good quotations and suggestions. Cameron is famous for her suggestion of writing some morning pages before getting out of bed, having pen and paper ready by the bedside. This has actually worked for many writers, also before she mentioned it. The book is made into a 12 week workshop, which you promise yourself to follow with your signature!
Pat Schneider has been having her workshops in USA, Ireland, Japan and other places for many years. Her book Writing Alone and with Others is filled with wisdom,good ideas and assignments. Her DVD on her workshops is very inspirering, and so is her poetry and autobiographical novel Wake Up Laughing: A Spiritual Autobiography. www.patschneider.com, email: pschneider@javanet.com
Gary and Glynis Hoffman’s Adios, Strunk and White: A Handbook for the New Academic Essay is one of many excellent books about writing.
Rainer Maria Rilke’s world famous poetry and his book Letters to a Young Poet is good reading.
Rita Mae Brown: Starting from Scratch: A Different Kind of Writer’s Manual is fine, even dealing with the daily physical exercises and what to do with all the money, you’ll make …
Alberta Turner: To Make a Poem is about writing poetry. May be sold out, try the web.
Gillian Roberts: You Can Write a Mystery was the book I showed you. A good book about writing novels.
The books by writers about writing are numerous. Here are some, I enjoyed:
Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza: The Fragrance of Guava, about Garcia M. Marquez.
Stephen King: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.
Ray Bradbury: Zen in the Art of Writing: Releasing the Creative Genius within You.