and her books with extracts and mentions


Swedish language interview/intervju with Bente Clod.
Interview with Bente Clod/Entrevista con Bente Clod, inglés/español: NOSVOZ


, Bente Clod’s latest short story collection, is released! [Danish page]
Enjoy extracts from the books and read an article on the erotica genre here. [Danish page]

On My Volcano

, Bente Clod’s recreation of and introduction
to the poet Emily Dickinson (USA 1830-1886) is reprinted. [English page]
Read the articles in relation to the reprint. [Danish pages]
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English Summary – biography/curriculum vitae about Bente Clod.
Bente Clod’s books with more – bibliograpy with extracts and mentions of the works.
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The electronic bookshop sells the books by Bente Clod.
Working material for schools about the Angel Power trilogy and Body Effex.
Poem of the month.

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